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Respect the environment by purchasing a 100% environmentally friendly water purifier.

Choose VITA water purifiers to drink quality water, contribute to the well-being of our planet and save money.

To feel good and respect our planet

VITA, our 100% sustainable water purifier

With a VITA water purifier, drinking water becomes a unique emotional and sensory experience. The freshness of water and the purity of taste are able to awaken the senses and regenerate the energy of the body. Trying VITA means giving yourself a moment of daily well-being that you can no longer do without.


Taps and water dispensers

You can combine your water purifier with the accessory most suited to your needs

a tap

ideal for homes and offices

You can combine your water purifier with a stainless-steel single lever tap, fitted and mounted on the inner part of a stainless-sink or on a surface next to the sink; or a 3-way tap. The tap can also come with  a pull-out spray.

a water dispenser

ideal for restaurants and shared areas

You can combine your water purifier with a water dispenser that will provide you with instant chilled, ambient, sparkling or boiling (90°C) water. You can fit it on your kitchen counter or in the dining area or have it as a floor standing water machine.

Over one year, using Edenwell
would save:



single-use plastic bottles



litres of water needed to produce single-use plastic bottles

€ 900

€ 900

spent on bottled water

250 kg

250 kg

of oil needed to produce and transport single-use plastic bottles

For your well-being
and the environment.

Social responsibility: our ethical vision

The VITA water purifier represents a revolution: it is the first system that purifies, dynamizes and revitalises  mains water in a full eco-friendly manner. In fact, it answers the conscious need to lead healthier and more ethical lifestyles. The water purification process takes place without the use of electricity. But that’s not all: the purifier is made from 100% eco-friendly materials.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our range of water purifiers. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us via email or message us on WhatsApp through our web chat.

Why choose the VITA water purifier?

Because our water purifiers are 100% eco-friendly: they do not use electricity, and their cartridges are completely recyclable and made from recycled materials.

How much does it cost to maintain a VITA water purifier?

We recommend a maintenance service including an annual full system sanitization. The cost includes: filter cartridge change, system sanitization, system servicing. The service costs €140.

Which purification technology is being used?

Edenwell uses 3-phase technology to purify water:

Edenwell uses a 3-stage technology to purify water.

Filtration is the first stage in the process: water is purified thanks to the exclusive microporous ceramic filter and silver-impregnated activated carbon.

Then comes the swirling process: the vortex technology dynamizes and revitalises water, thus eliminating all remaining impurities and preventing limescale formation.

Harmonisation is the final stage: water goes through its natural flow dynamics again, thus absorbing the oscillatory frequencies and molecules that will give it back its original crystalline structure.  At this stage, water is reVITAlised.

Is the VITA water purifier eligible for the Italian Water Filter Tax Credit (Bonus Acqua Potabile)?

Yes, our VITA water purifier is eligible for the Italian Water Filter Tax Credit.

In fact, the Water Filter Tax Credit (Bonus Acqua Potabile) is granted for expenses incurred to purchase and install a water treatment system aimed at improving the quality of drinking water at home or in the office.

The maximum qualifying expenditure for private individuals is € 1,000, and € 5,000 for business or public establishments.

To qualify for the tax credit, you must provide proof of the actual expenses incurred, such as invoices or commercial documents bearing the tax code of the private individual or establishment applying for the credit.

To apply for the credit, you will also need to submit all relevant documentation to the Italian Revenue Agency via a specific form available on the Agency’s website. 

How much can I save with my VITA water purifier?

By installing an Edenwell water purifier you can save in terms of bottles and electricity. In fact, our water purifier can work without the use of electricity, thus allowing you to save on your bills.

Furthermore, over one year using Edenwell would save:

– 3,000 PET bottles and 6,000 litres of water needed to produce them 
– 900 € spent for bottled water
– 500 kg of CO2

– 250 kg of oil needed to produce and transport single-use plastic bottles 
– landfill waste equivalent to three household wheelie bins
– 2 fewer lorries on the road 

Does the water purifier make noise?

One of the special features of our water purifier is that it doesn’t emit any noise: if you bring your ear close to the device and listen attentively, you will hear the sound of the water flowing reVITAlised through the filter.  

Do you need more information?

Contact us by email or write us on Whatsapp


What our customers say about VITA

Excellent purifier I have been an Edenwell customer for two years. Since I started using VITA, the quality of the water I drink has really improved. This has had a positive impact on many aspects of my life.

— Roberto

Garavi Srl
The best solution for the office I could not find a solution that would guarantee purified water for a wide range of users, but VITA is versatile and comes with a water dispenser providing hot, cold, and sparkling water without waiting.

— Garavi Srl

VITA makes you appreciate the authentic taste of water Great product, recommended for those who care about the environment and are waste-conscious.

— Lucia

Bar Lo Spuntino
Perfect for my coffee shop Hot or cold water in record time. Excellent delivery service: I received my order in 5 days, very attentive courier service.

— Bar Lo Spuntino

Satisfied I did not think water could taste like this. Since I installed the Edenwell water filter, I have stopped buying bottled water. Now I can enjoy good quality water directly from the tap.

— Maria

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