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Our story


Much more than just a company.
We are a family - the Pianca family.

Edenwell is an innovative company that looks to the future but is the result of many years of research and experimentation into a holistic approach to ecology.

Our mission? To ensure as many people as possible have access to a healthy and ethical lifestyle.

This is why we have created Edenwell, the first Italian company that produces and distributes 100% eco-friendly water purifiers.

since 1987

Our history - Encouraging a holistic lifestyle

Michele Pianca

Co-Founder & CEO

Over the past 10 years Michele, Luigi’s son, has worked alongside his father in the family business, specialising in trade shows, water purification markets and retail trade of organic products.

As the current CEO of Edenwell, he works day by day to ensure as many people as possible have access to a healthy lifestyle and healthy environments where they can feel good and live better.

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Via Savallon, 13
31012 Cappella Maggiore TV


(+39) 04 381.736.717

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