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Sustainable Technology

an exclusive Italian patent


A 100% sustainable water purifier.

The Edenwell purifier represents a revolution: it is the first water purifier in Italy that purifies mains water in an environmentally friendly way. The purification process takes place without the use of electricity. The water purifier is made from 100% eco-friendly materials too.

Eco-friendly materials

We carefully select all materials we use to produce our water purifiers. All our products are certified: our bamboo comes from responsibly managed forests, and our borosilicate glass and steel are lead-free.

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We source FSC certified bamboo to manufacture the outer case of our water purifier and the cardboard of our packaging.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is the world’s leading non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting a sustainable management of forests and woodlands on all five continents. It actively promotes partnerships between indigenous communities, forest owners, wood and wood-based industries, scientists, experts and environmental groups.


Unlike most of the other water purifiers, we use AISI 304 and AISI 316 certified seamless steel instead of plastic containers and shells.


How our water purification technology
works without the use of electricity.

An exclusive Italian patent licence

In nature, the water cycle – also known as the hydrogeological cycle – is the journey water takes as it circulates from the land to the source. During this cycle, water absorbs nutrients and collects information that will make it essential for human life and the environment.

We have designed our water purification system taking inspiration from the hydrogeological cycle: we wanted mains water to be restored to its natural vitality, to be reVITAlised.

Our purification technology is protected by an Italian patent.



In the filtration process, chemical pollutants and heavy metals are trapped in the ceramic and activated carbon filter, which also eliminates bacteria.
The outer shell of the filter is made of microporous ceramic allowing it to remove 99.99% of sediments, impurities, and pathogens. Silver ions within the filter help to prevent bacteria growth and to keep the system sterilized.



Edenwell’s patented swirling technology dynamizes water by removing all negative frequencies of the physical pollutants which have been filtered out at the previous filtration stage.
Water molecules swirl as in a mountain spring thus regaining their original structure. In doing so, water is cleaned of all negative frequencies. This process also prevents limescale formation: at this stage, 80% of calcite is converted into aragonite. Limestone in the form of aragonite does not calcify, thereby maintaining beneficial properties of calcium.



At the third stage, water flows through a cylindrical EWO filter. As in its natural cycle, water absorbs oscillatory frequencies and reorganises its clusters into Coherence Domains, thus regaining its original crystalline structure which allows the human body to better assimilate nutrients and trace elements .

What are you waiting for? The world doesn’t change unless we change first.

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